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Category Archives: Audio Book Reviews

Reviews for book which are read, that is to say, without a cast.

Full Dark House – Christopher Fowler (Audiobook)

Occasionally (very occasionally) you see, read or hear something that immediately becomes an old friend.  You slip into it like a comfortable shoe, and you wonder how you have ever done without it. As you can see by my lack of posting it’s been a busy time, filming all over the UK, some big shows […]

Rogue Justice by Geoffrey Household – BBC7 ( a quick review)

Having just run Rogue Male, BBC7 ran an abridged version of Rogue Justice this week. I (along with generations of others) thoroughly enjoyed the story of the ‘Rogue Male’ and was looking forward to the adaptation of the sequel. Unfortunately it offered very little in comparison to it’s forebear. Perhaps the best example I can […]