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Radio can be educational to you know.

Walking on the Moon & Moonbathing

Well apologies to all for not posting too much, work is still marching on at a pace and bucking the credit crunch keeping me busy, and despite plenty of listening, not too much writing…  So it was the 40th Anniversary of the moon landings, quite rightly something we can SHOUT about as a world and […]

Something Is Terribly Wrong – BBC Radio 4

Grassy Knolls, second shooters, patsies, conspiracies galore…the 22nd November 1963 was probably the most infamous day in American History til 9/11.  They were both tragic days where violence attacked democracy, they were also days that have sadly developed a wealth of conspiricy theories. I have nothing against a good conspiracy theory (after all how did […]

The Friend in the Corner (BBC7)

As someone who listens to so much radio one can’t help be tempted by that most inward looking of documentaries, one about BBC Radio. Billed as 6 selected years in radio history (thanks again BBC7 for the attractive programme description) I naturally expected something like Russell Davies enjoyable series on Radio Comedy. Some choice sound […]

Strange Weather Days – Series 2

British weather, love it or hate it, we all talk about it. When I say talk, I mean mutter- we hardly boast. Watching the discovery channel one can’t help wondering what it must be like to have hurricanes, tornados, monsoons and avalanches filling up your back garden on a Sunday morning. It would, of course, […]