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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Outbreak of Fear by R. D. Wingfield

With seemingly endless trips everywhere recently filming people from Brighton to Edinburgh I haven’t had much time to review but a lot of time to listen. So 3 reviews in the works, here is the first… One of the first things I hunted for when I discovered radioarchive was R. D. Wingfield’s Outbreak of Fear.  […]

The Friend in the Corner (BBC7)

As someone who listens to so much radio one can’t help be tempted by that most inward looking of documentaries, one about BBC Radio. Billed as 6 selected years in radio history (thanks again BBC7 for the attractive programme description) I naturally expected something like Russell Davies enjoyable series on Radio Comedy. Some choice sound […]

Rogue Justice by Geoffrey Household – BBC7 ( a quick review)

Having just run Rogue Male, BBC7 ran an abridged version of Rogue Justice this week. I (along with generations of others) thoroughly enjoyed the story of the ‘Rogue Male’ and was looking forward to the adaptation of the sequel. Unfortunately it offered very little in comparison to it’s forebear. Perhaps the best example I can […]

Strange Weather Days – Series 2

British weather, love it or hate it, we all talk about it. When I say talk, I mean mutter- we hardly boast. Watching the discovery channel one can’t help wondering what it must be like to have hurricanes, tornados, monsoons and avalanches filling up your back garden on a Sunday morning. It would, of course, […]